Bean Soup - traditional bulgarian soup of Bean 
Bean Soup - traditional bulgarian soup of Bean
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Bean Soup

Bean SoupBulgarian Recipe – Bean Soup

Bean Soup - is traditional bulgarian soup of bean.

This Bulgarian recipe - Bean Soup is intended to serve six persons

Ingredients for preparing a Bean Soup:

· 3 cups cannelloni or northern beans (soaked overnight in water)
· 1 cup chopped red capsicum
· 1 cup chopped green capsicum
· 1 cup grated carrot
· 1 medium chopped onion
· mint
· salt
· pepper

Bean Soup Cooking Directions:

Drain beans, place in saucepan and pour boiling water over ensuring they are covered. Return to boil. Add chopped onion, capsicums, carrot. Simmer until beans are cooked approx 2 hours.
Towards the end of the cooking time, bean soup may be thickened by lightly frying onion in a little oil in the frying pan. Add paprika and stir. Remove frypan from heat, add flour and stir. Gradualy add a ladle od soup at a time and stir until flour is dissolved and lump free. Then gradualy return this into the saucepan a little at a time, continually stirring to prevent lumps.
Season with salt and pepper. Add mint and simmer gently for another 10-15 minutes.

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